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Amazon Echo Dot vs Tap vs Echo Comparison & Review



Amazon Echo Dot vs Amazon Tap vs Echo differences marked up in simple tabular for so that you can easily understand the basic features of these products and easy selection based on purpose you wish to buy them for.

These are the most famous Amazon Echo Series of Cylindrical speakers which are connected to internet, able to work as an assistant for you when connected to cloud / home automation systems.

Amazon Dot is the latest launch making the product much crisp and able to be integrated with your existing expensive music system, tiny, cheap still smart providing you all benefits of the Echo series.

Below simple table will show you functional differences narrated as well as differentiated in colors  to make you understand the Echo series quickly and easily, as well I have given summary after the table for you.

Amazon Echo vs Amazon Tap vs Echo Dot Comparison Table

Amazon Echo Dot

(2nd Generation)

Amazon Tap

Amazon Echo

Height of Echo Device 1.6-inch-tall cylinder 6.2-inch-tall cylinder 9.25-inch-tall cylinder
Main feature difference in between Amazon Echo Dot vs Tap vs Echo Just the top section of Amazon Echo at half the price & equally smart.

Supports always-on Alexa, connects to the cloud to stream music, controls your smarthome devices, and does all the same stuff as Echo

Unlike the Echo, the Amazon Tap is wireless and must be set into the included cradle in order to charge Echo requires a Wi-Fi connection in order to respond to voice commands and fetch content for you, and it must remain plugged in for power
Portable No Yes No
Dimensions 38 x 84 x 84 mm 59 x 66 x 66 mm 235 x 83.5 x 83.5 mm
Weight 250 grams 470 grams 1045 grams
Power Power adapter
Plugs into a wall outlet
Non-removable, rechargeable battery, charging cradle, and power adapter (9 hours playback) Power adapter
Plugs into a wall outlet
Wi-Fi connectivity 802.11a/b/g/n
(2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
(2.4 GHz)
Dual-band |
(2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
Alexa Activation Yes (Always-on/always-listening/voice-activated) Yes (Not always-listening; Must touch mic button to access Alexa)
The Tap isn’t an always-on, so you can’t say “Alexa” to wake it and instead need to press the microphone button on the front
Yes (Always-on/always-listening/voice-activated)
Wake word Microphone (Talk) button Wake word
Action button Action button
Speakers Stereo audio output for Bluetooth & audio cables
Voice-feedback only(Must be connected to external speakers)
360-degree sound(dual 1.5-inch drivers and dual passive radiators)
360-degree sound(2.5 inch woofer and 2.0 inch tweeter)
Microphone Array  7-piece microphone array
Dolby Audio No Yes No
Buttons and Lights Light Ring Front light indicators Light Ring
Volume buttons Microphone (Talk) button Action button
Action button Power button Mute button
Mute button Wi-Fi/Bluetooth button
Dedicated playback buttons
Bluetooth Audio Input Yes
Bluetooth Audio Output Yes No
AUX Audio Input No Yes No
AUX Audio Output Yes No
Compatible with Alexa Voice Remote Yes No Yes
Accessories 3.5 mm audio cable ## Amazon Tap Sling ## Alexa Voice Remote ##
Alexa Voice Remote ##
Amazon Echo Dot Case ##
Media Storage No
Alexa app Yes
Price & Offers Echo-Dot Best Buy Tap Best Buy Echo Best Buy
## Sold separately

Amazon Echo Best Buy for ?

Amazon Tap Best Buy for ?

Amazon Echo-Dot Best Buy for ?

I hope this article helps you finding right device … if you like my writing do comment on this blog-post 🙂

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