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Best AFTERSHOKZ bone conduction headphones – Titanium vs Air vs Aeropex vs Xtrainerz

In this article I am going to compare and find Best AFTERSHOKZ bone conduction headphones. So lets see Titanium Trekz vs. Air vs Aeropex vs Xtrainerz Comparison to help you choose the right product at right price for the right application to suit your budget and needs.

I know since you are now searching for best bone conduction headphones, you precisely know the purpose of these type of headphones which protects your safety with full awareness of surrounding noises still enjoying your music.

Also there can be two type of requirements from your side –

  1. Your kid also want same headphone as yours, so size matters. Don’t worry titanium-mini is available for you.
  2. You don’t want to carry your mobile phone with you during exercise. Don’t worry xtrainerz with built-in memory will help you.

In quick comparison of improvements over each other …

Aeropex are Lighter than ever before …

The Aeropex are lightest bone conduction headphones till date.

Aeropex are 15% lighter than its predecessor the Air and 38% lighter than Titanium

Trekz Titanium have 2 size options …

I know when you buy a headphone, your kids wanna have one for them too 🙂

But when it comes to the size and fitting, any one of AfterShokz Trekz models like Air OR Aeropex OR xtrainerz may not fit well since only Standard size headphones are available.

No worries ….. You have base model the Trekz Titanium which is available in two versions, Standard and mini will come to an rescue.

The Trekz Titanium mini which are also priced lowest … can go well with your kids too making the complete happy family vacation …

Bluetooth Connectivity 4.1 vs 4.2 vs 5 & internal memory

Aeropex with its latest introduction also carries advantage of latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology having inherent advantages of 8X Data Speed, 800 feet Range, Duel Audio (Read more on BT5.0)

Nevertheless don’t worry, even BT 4.1 / 4.2 in Titanium & Air do provide reliable connectivity and multi-point pairing.

But wait .. I know you don’t like to carry your mobile with you on running exercise or swimming but still want to enjoy your music on the go.

So what’s the solution?

In that case simply go for AfterShokz xtrainerz which have its own internal memory of 4 GB, which means it can still play music without any Bluetooth device connectivity 🙂

And 4GB means you can store upto 1200 MP3 songs which are more than enough for a months exercise !!

Call quality … Titanium, Aeropex & xtrainerz

For those who want Bluetooth connectivity also want these headphones to be used for taking calls, right?

So AfterShokz Titanium Trekz and Air and Aeropex models are equipped with Dual noise-canceling mic which helps delivering crystal clear voice calls.

And for those who want worry free exercise, get on your life with AfterShokz xtrainerz with no microphone (and no Bluetooth, but internal song memory)

PremiumPitch 2.0+ in Aeropex  and xtrainerz

Titanium and Air models are gen 1 bone conduction headphones having PremiumPitch+ technology which delivers wide dynamic range and rich bass.

But the new models have got much better with PremiumPitch 2.0+ tech upgrade which further enhances the audio experience with Powerful bass and higher volume.

Battery that never dies! 33% more life… Aeropex & xtrainerz

AfterShokz Aeropex have latest low power Bluetooth 5.0 technology which extends battery life to 8 hours compared to the base versions Titanium and Air.

and xtrainerz already gets an advantage of no Bluetooth and hence enhanced battery life of 8 hours.

So in short Aeropex & xtrainerz have 33% more battery life compared to Titanium & Air.

Also one more advantage in going for the latest model is that Aeropex & xtrainerz both have induction charging option available, which means no more struggle with the micro-USB which you will have to do in Titanium & Air.

Swimming capable – Aeropex & xtrainerz

If your intention is mainly to use the headphones during swimming or light water sports, then you may need to look for better water proof rating.

Which means that the models Aeropex & xtrainerz which are having IP67 & IP68 waterproof rating to be preferred over Titanium & Air which have only IP55 water resistance rating.

IP67 & IP68 possess more superior water resistance when compared with IP55 rating.

If you are more curios on what is IP waterproof rating, then feel free to read my detailed article here.

So now lets look at simple specification and feature comparison table which might be useful for you to decide Best AFTERSHOKZ bone conduction headphones.

I have used proper cell background coloring as well as text colors to make out the differences easily.

AfterShokz Titanium Trekz vs Air vs Aeropex vs Xtrainerz Specs Comparison

Bone conduction headphones AfterShokz Titanium Trekz AfterShokz Trekz Air  AfterShokz Aeropex AfterShokz xtrainerz
Indicative price as on Aug 2020
$80 $120 $160 $150
Please check latest prices by clicking links below before buying
Best Buy offers Best Buy Trekz Best Buy  Air  Best Buy  Aeropex Best Buy xtrainerz
Best Buy mini
Star feature Available in 2 sizes NEW introduction
Colors Standard – Cosmic Black, Canyon Red, Ocean Blue, Ivy Green, Red Midnight Blue, Canyon Red, Slate Grey, Forest Green Cosmic Black, Lunar Grey, Solar Red, Blue Eclipse Black Diamond, Saffire Blue
Mini –  Slate Grey, Ivy Green, Red, Pink
Sizes Mini and Standard Standard
Titanium frame Partial Full wraparound
Bluetooth connectivity Bluetooth 4.1
Reliable connectivity and multipoint pairing
Bluetooth 4.2
Reliable connectivity and multipoint pairing
Bluetooth 5.0
Reliable connectivity, higher transmission speeds
Not Bluetooth Compatible
Internal Music Storage Only
4 GB MP3 STORAGE (1,200 songs)
Wireless range 10 meters
Microphone Dual noise-canceling mic No
Design Complete wraparound titanium design provides a flexible fit for unnoticeable all-day comfort and stability
Open-Ear listening OpenFit™️ design ensures maximum situational awareness and comfort during long-term wear
Premium Audio with PremiumPitch+ PremiumPitch+ guarantees a premium audio experience, including wide dynamic range and rich bass PremiumPitch 2.0+
Powerful bass and higher volume
Voice prompt assistant Audrey Says voice prompts guide users through power, pair, play and talk
Noise cancelling Duel noise canceling microphones exclude surrounding noise, effectively enhancing speech
Sound isolation LeakSlayer technology significantly reduces natural sound leakage
Warranty 2 Years Warranty
Technical specs
Frequency response 20 Hz ~ 20 KHz
Sensitivity 100 ± 3dB 105 ± 3dB 96 ± 3dB
Microphone sensitivity -40dB ± 3dB -38dB ± 3dB NO
Battery life (continuous play) 6 hours 8 hours
Stand-by time 10 days 20 days 10 days
Battery charging time 1.5 hours 2 hours 2 hours
Charger Micro USB Magnetic induction cable Induction charging cradle
Battery type Lithium-ion Lithium Polymer Lithium-ion
Weight 36 grams 30 grams 26 grams
Lightest bone conduction headphones till date
30 grams
Waterproof rating

What is IPX rating?

Repel sweat, dust and moisture
Can be submerged in 1m of water for 30 mins
Can be submerged in 2m of water for 30 mins
Moisture detection alert No Yes No
In the Box Titanium Headphones,
Drawstring Carrying Case,
USB Charging Cables,
Air Headphones,
Silicone Carrying Case,
USB Charging Cable,
Aeropex Headphones,
Silicone Carrying Case,
(2) Magnetic Charging Cables,
Xtrainerz Headphones,
Silicone Carrying Case,
USB Charging Cradle,
Swimming Earplugs
Bone conduction headphones AfterShokz Titanium Trekz AfterShokz Trekz Air  AfterShokz Aeropex xtrainerz
Best Buy offers Best Buy Trekz Best Buy  Air  Best Buy  Aeropex Best Buy xtrainerz
Best Buy mini

Final recommendation

AfterShokz Titanium Trekz with its 2 sizes and lower budget makes it a perfect choice for family. Get one for you and another for your kid.

To me AfterShokz Trekz Air do not add any value except the BT4.2, but spending 50% more money to get them does not look to be worth it.

Instead spend some more money to get your hands on latest and the best AfterShokz Aeropex, which gives you best water resistance and latest Bluetooth technology. Added advantages are enhanced battery life and induction charging.

Also Aeropex boasts to be the lightest among all AfterShokz models.

One more facility available in Aeropex which is Moisture detection alert, surely useful if you want to use it for something related to water sports.

Finally if you don’t like to carry your mobile phone with you and not interested in getting calls in between your exercise, simply choose AfterShokz xtrainerz. These possess internal 1200 song memory as well as highest waterproof rating.

References taken from below websites for writing this post and technical specifications

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