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Noise Cancelling Headphones for Concerts | Top 5 Baby headphones

Its your favorite concert and you don’t want to miss the music festival, but what about the baby? its obvious that most of the parents face this issue once in the lifetime and surely there is a solution for it. One of the easiest way is to wear noise reducing baby headphones. Mind it these are generally called as ear-muffs for babies and kids.

So for a concert its not only important to protect your ears but also for your baby and kids. So as you carry some kind of ANC headphones, better you also carry a pair of good noise cancelling headphones for babies and kids.

The ANC headphones for you can be used at different levels which can let some noise inside ear canals, so that you can enjoy the concert still protect the ears.

But for baby you need to have something specially designed for the tender skin, it shall not irritate the baby, but she shall enjoy wearing it. Also the baby remains calm during the concert.

So after study of several pairs in market and carefully evaluating actual user feedback’s I think that the Baby Banz Newborn are the best baby headphones which have NRR 31 dB. The same pair can be used even in music festivals, restaurants, subways, airports.

These baby headphones will provide vital protection to ears that are still under development.

Top 5 Noise Cancelling Headphones for Concerts – For babies

List is ranked in order of best score, so number 1 gets the highest marks from me.

  1. Baby Banz Baby-Boys Newborn Hearing Protection Earmuff
  2. 3M Peltor Junior Earmuff Baby Headphones
  3. Snug Safe n Sound Kids & Baby Earmuffs
  4. Pro Ears ReVo Passive Baby Ear Protectors
  5. BEBE Muff Hearing Baby Ear Protection

Above list I am discussing in details one by one for what makes it so special that tops them in top 5 list by HowzBuy.

1) Baby Banz Baby-Boys Newborn Hearing Protection Earmuff

Baby Banz Earmuffs are one of the top ranking seller over years and I feel they almost have monopoly in this area.

They are most favored by parents who really wants to protect their kids from loud noise like fireworks, concerts, music festivals, theme parks and events where noise is beyond average posing serious health concern for kids.

What is that make Baby Banz the best in my list?

Noise reduction quality

With 31 dB NRR Baby Banz provides best level of protection to your child against harmful loud noises. While wearing these, your child will be able to enjoy the concert still remains protected, they simply make the noise level harmless to baby ears 🙂

Wearing comfort

For kids age 2 years to 4 years you need to be extra careful on the pressure exerted by the earphones on head. With specially super soft padding and adjustable headband, they fit perfect to baby’s head. The cushion makes it comfortable for wearing for long time.

Overall design and selection of material is such to make them super lightweight, this again adds to comfort level of your kid.

Colorful selection for kids

Kids love colors, they will wear the headphones only if they like the color. One more thing is kids love bright colors.

Baby Banz provides assorted colors like Aqua, Black, Green, Lime, Magenta, Orange, Blue, Squiggle geo-print and Bluetooth versions in Pink, Silver color.

Bluetooth version – Super headphones for your baby

I think these are the only Bluetooth headphones for infants!

Wow! it means not only you can protect your baby from loud noise, but also keep her engaged listening to her favorite music. This keeps the baby calm and quiet while you enjoy the program.

Again here Baby Banz has made sure to limit the max volume to 75 dB limit.

Check price for the Special Bluetooth headphones for baby from Baby Banz

2) 3M PELTOR Kids Ear Muffs Baby Headphones

There are two main reasons to get 3M Peltor baby headphones on second ranking in my list,

first – they have good noise reduction rating NRR of 27 dB which is really good ( expect medium range of noise reduction) and

second – they are competitively priced against most of the high seller baby headphones in market.

So since they are well priced and a perfect fit for children, it makes them a perfect choice for most of the parents.

Some of the major features making them great baby headphones (I mean ear-muffs) are

Wearing comfort

Main thing is that these earmuffs are suitable for kids upto age of 7, so it does not impose limitations like the Baby Benz do on kids aged to 4.

The headband is easy and quick to get over head in perfect way. They suit the young age kids very well .. specially for kids aged 4 to 7 years.

One more point that adds to kids comfort is the cushions filled with special gel allowing to wear for longer periods. This idea is great since wearing in hot environment makes headphones sweaty and kids don’t like it.

The headband is soft and adjusts itself to create perfect pressure on head.

Great noise reduction

The NRR rating is 27 dB which means its again one of the best providing adequate protection for kids ears while you enjoy the concert.

I think the unique combination of fluid and foam delivers perfect protection from noise as well as provide nice comfort for long time wearing.

Only one thing that makes me wonder, why these headphones are available only in limited colors.

Check price for the baby headphones from 3M PELTOR Kids Ear Muffs in Pink

3) Snug Kids Earmuffs Baby Headphones

Snug Kids Earmuffs Baby Headphones rank third in my top 5 baby headphone list.

They are also a solid alternative at very low price for your kids to protect them from loud noises, also since the price is low you can use it without fear of being loosing them in crowd.

A perfect choice for use in crowdy places, musical events, airports or even subways.


The build quality is very good, look at the photograph above, they look so sturdy and robust.

They are portable, simply fold it to get inside small space, so good for travel.

Also for kids you get fantastic color options such as Black, Blue, Camo, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow, Acqa blue, Cats, Robots, Space, Unicorn.

Wearing comfort

The headband is padded with soft cushion lining which sits perfectly over head, kids will love wearing it. The earpieces can revolve around and fit over ears perfectly. Suitable for kids with various ages and head sizes too.

Protection from noise

With NRR rating of 25 dB these proves to be a perfect cheap baby headphones. They looks and feel great, kids love them wearing for long time as well as does basic function of keeping away the unnecessary noise.

And I have seen that even some adults wear them at workplaces and home to get isolation from kids noises and concentrate on their work !

Check price for the baby headphones from Snug Kids Earmuffs

4) Pro Ears ReVO Kids and Women Safety Earmuffs ( Made in USA)


The first thing that I would like to mention is that Pro Ears ReVO Kids and Women Safety Earmuffs are made in USA.

Second thing is that they are functional, budget friendly and stylish.


Pro Ears ReVO are having NRR rating of 25 dB which makes them perfectly suitable for moderate noise levels.

ReVO Passive muffs uses no metal parts which eliminates possibility of any injury to your kid

have no metal parts that could potentially injure a child and, unlike ear plugs, are not a swallow hazard for very young children.

They are designed such that even kids to adults all can use them with comfort. The ear seals are large enough to cover adult ears too. The band can be expanded easily to get nice comfortable fit.

The look and feel is completely contemporary with various colors available such as Blue diamond plate, Blue rain, Neon green, Neon orange, Neon pink, Neon yellow, Pink, Pink zebra, Purple rain, Purple zabra, Reaper, Zebra, Zombie.

Wearing comfort

Super-sized ProForm leather ear seals with memory foam which provides ultimate comfort as well as ensures good ear sealing too.

The headband is also padded with Visco-Elastic foam and adjustable too ensuring proper fit for kids and adults with smaller heads.

Protection from noise

With NRR rating of 25 dB, ReVos makes them perfect choice for your kids for using in shooting range, and moderate noise environment like concerts, sporting events, fireworks and parades or while operating power tools, landscaping equipment etc.

Check price for the baby headphones from Pro Ears ReVO Kids and Women Safety Earmuffs

5) BEBE Muff Hearing Baby Ear Protection

All the above top 4 baby headphones cover age over 2 years,

however these BEBE Muff Hearing Baby Ear Protection are designed to be used by baby aged 3 months to 24 months. The headband is 10 inches at the lowest level, so you need to measure baby head before you order these.

The design and style is suitable for both baby boy and baby girl 🙂

Also the design is folding type hence suitable for travelers. ABS material ensures long lasting life of earmuffs.

Wearing comfort

The headband is designed to provide just sufficient pressure on baby head, the lightness provides comfort at every level to baby. And it can be adjusted by pulling to suit any head size and shape.

The padding to the headband and cushion on earmuff provides perfect hearing protection to the baby.

Protection from noise

With a noise reduction rate of 25 dB, they provide real protection to your baby from any noise created with the garden mower, noises made by kids around or music party at home. Baby will be able to sleep in calm and quiet way.

The brand is in market since last decade and hence can be trusted for use with your kids and babies.

Check price for the baby headphones from BEBE Muff Hearing Baby Ear Protection

For reference I am giving you some useful information about noise levels

So lets talk about what is talked about the NRR levels each baby earmuff have specified and what is really noise means.

Lets begin with simple example, say you are mowing lawn at home… just imagine the noise levels of mower are something around 90 dB .. now the baby will surely get irritated if the noise level continues for long . .maybe 2 hours … so using a good hearing protection like baby headphones or baby earmuffs looks to be a good idea indeed.

The hearing protection for baby is called as earmuffs or baby headphones. Just keep in mind that any hearing protectors must be tested and approved by the American National Standards (ANSI)

Okay now look at below noise levels in terms of dB (dB is decibels a unit to measure sound levels)

Faint noise :  Whisper, Quiet Library = 30 dB

Moderate noise : Quiet room = 40 dB, Moderate Rainfall = 50 dB

Very loud noise:

60 dB = Conversation, Dishwasher
70 dB = Vacuum Cleaner
80 dB = Alarm Clock, Busy Street

Extremely loud noise:

90 dB = Lawnmower, Shop Tools, Truck Traffic, Subway
100 dB = Snowmobile, Chain saw, Pneumatic Drill
110 dB = Machinery, Model Airplanes

Painful noise level:

120 dB = Jet Plane Take-off, Amplified Music at 4-6 ft., Car Stereo, Band Practice
130 dB = Jackhammer
140 dB = Firearms, Air-Raid Siren, Jet Engine
150 dB = Rock Concerts at Peak

What are NRR levels for earmuff or baby headphones?

While you select any earmuff, look at NRR rating which means Noise Reduction Rating.

The NRR number shows dB levels of protection the earmuff can provide, however it does not mean it will reduce the surrounding decibel level by the exact number of decibels associated with that earmuffs NRR!

Let me explain this with an example :

Suppose the earmuff has NRR 33 dB rating.

Now you attend a rock concert with the noise levels of 100 dB.

Now your baby is wearing earmuffs with NRR 33 dB.

You can mis-calculate baby’s sound exposure level as 100 – 33 = 67 dB. But this is WRONG.

So its not a simple maths, here is correct method of calculations.

You need to use something called as a decibel deduction factor, so all you have to do is take the NRR number (in dB), subtract seven, and then divide it by two.

So, for NRR 33 dB, the noise reduction equation becomes as (33-7) / 2 = 13.

So result of using earmuff with 33 dB in Rock concert with sound level of 100 dB, your baby will experience sound pressure level of 100 – 13 = 87 dB!

Which means as per OSHA you are still at very loud level, this is not at all acceptable for the babies hearing health.

So the reality is that you should not take your baby to a music concert even she wears earmuffs with NRR 33 (and 33 level is the best available in market as on now) – best way is to avoid going to concert with baby below 24 months of age.

Anyway something is better than nothing, so go ahead and choose a hearing protection for your baby / kid before going to any noisy place.

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