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Phaiser Strobe BHS 750 vs Vortex BHS 770 – Worth Upgrade $69?

When I got an email for launch of Phaiser Vortex BHS 770 with pricepoint of around $69 I wanted to check if it will be worth upgrading from my present Phaiser Strobe BHS 750 which costed me around $35 (although the price shown on Phaiser website is $59 it was available online for lower prices) .. anyway so lets see if its really worth spending $69 to get this upgrade of present BHS series headphones from Phaiser ?

Head on comparison of Phaiser BHS 750 vs BHS 770

Design and Aesthetics

The first thing that I noticed was the change in the design and aesthetics of new upgraded headphones.

BHS 770 looks somewhat smaller than the BHS 750’s in terms of diameter and overall size.

Also the BHS 770 has more roundish shaped ear wings which will provide more comfort due to round shape as well as cavity created inside the wings to collapse easily.

Sound Quality

Both headphones feature 8 mm drivers which are designed by Swiss audio engineers for delivering super precision HD sound with powerful bass.

In terms of sound quality both versions shall perform the same except for the level of sound isolation from the external noise you get from perfection of fitment to individual ear canals. However both features the memory foam tips which comply T-400, so shall perform at par and no substantial improvement expected in the upgraded BH 770

Magnetic back – Wear like necklace!

I think this is the most common feature now a days in most of the headphones which allows wearing them like a necklace during non-use. Over the years I have found that this feature is super useful and adds lot of value for money with small magnets featured at the end of buds.

The magnets allows stowing the earbuds around the neck while not in use without worrying them falling of the neck during movements. So no need to remove and store them elsewhere. No need to search them in pockets and purse.

And wearing them also is like a fashion quotient.

Anyway point is that the new upgrade BHS 770 are nothing different than BHS 750 in this area too!

Secure fit to ears – get on to exercise

Another important feature for any earphone is mechanism to prevent fall down during movement and exercise.

Here Phaiser has their own patentedanti-drop” winged earphone tips that keeps the buds in place during rigorous movements during the workouts.

Also Phaiser includes Over and Under-Ear fit options as per your personal taste.

And the memory foam ear tips also provide good grip to any shape of ear canals, which also allows waring them for longer time duration without any hastle.

Microphone : Hands Free calling

Both headphones are equipped with auto stop-start of audio during the  beginning and end of calls which is super useful feature allowing to complete the calls while you listen to music from your smartphone.

The microphone is sensitive to provide crystal clear voice quality in noisy public places.

Noise isolation is good due to secure sealing in the ear canals using the memory foam technology.

Please note that these are not NC headphones (Noise cancelling) but they provide Noise isolation using the ear sealing.

Waterproof? IPX6

Both these models are Sweatproof and company provides lifetime guarantee in case the headphones gets damaged due to sweat! [ Read what is sweatproof? ]

Here Phaiser uses the standard Liquipel Nano Coating technology to protect headphones from the corrosive sweat water which goes inside during the daily workouts or even while you wash your face after the workouts.

I mean any splashing or accidental water ingress is protected to some extent, mind it not to wear them while swimming or showers, they may not sustain the amount of water throw onto them.

However I prefer them wearing them during the daily running exercise even during the normal drizzles.

Bluetooth LE

Both headphones feature the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology which is called as Low Energy protocol.

Older Bluetooth versions shooted cracking noise while you move at certain distance from the Bluetooth source such as smartphone or MP3 player.  However the latest BT 4.1 provides more stable connection which works over longer distance without any loss of signal quality.

So feel free to keep the music player in pocket and listen to the music over headphones without fear .. this is available in both the headphones models i.e. 750 and 770.

Depending upon the location the maximum range you can expect is around 30 to 40 feet.

Once more benefit of Bluetooth 4.1 protocol is multi-point connection feature. Which means you will be able to connect the headphones to two devices simultaneously, i.e. connection to the iPad to view the movie and iPhone to receive or make calls can be done at the same time with the single headphone pair.

If interested check the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 versus this Bluetooth version 4.1 story .. Read here


Lastly you will wonder if they are compatible to all your devices or not?

So here is list of compatible devices for both the Phaiser Strobe BHS 750 and Vortex BHS 770

The list of Bluetooth devices, includes the iPhone (5, 5C, 5S, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, XS Max), Apple Watch, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini, iPod nano, Android Smartphones, Smart TV’s, Windows, Blackberry, Android Wear Smartwatches, PC, Mac and gaming devices.

Phaiser BHS 750 vs BHS 770 Specs & Features comparison table


Phaiser Strobe BHS 750

Phaiser Vortex BHS 770


Best Buy BHS 750

Type In ear headphones
Color Blackout, Heliotrope, Lime green, Ocean Blue, Redheat Black
Bluetooth Version 4.1, Multi-point – 33 feet range
Sweatproof Lifetime Sweatproof Warranty
Noise-isolation Passive
Impedance 16 Ohm
Speaker sensitivity 96 +-3dB At 1KHz
Output 5mW nominal, 10mW max
Total Harmonic Distortion <3% (1KHz, 1mW)
Audio Format 16-bit Stereo
Codec SBC SBC, AptX
Play Time 8 Hrs
Standby Time 250 Hrs
Charging Time 1.5 Hrs
Battery Lithium-ion Polymer 110 mAh
Frequency Band  2.4 GHz
Charging port micro-USB cable included

 0.68″ (16 mm)

Bottom line

So finally after comparing all the features and specifications, using above table you will realize that there is no substantial changes in the upgrade except some aesthetics changes, which provides BHS 770 somewhat compact look and feel.

Rest all things being the same including the driver size which are responsible for delivering music to your ears, Bluetooth technology with great microphone which give nice call quality. Simple operation of button control using remote. 

So no significant change is seen in the upgrade BHS 770 versus the most selling model from Phaiser which is BHS 750. 

I am not sure to spend substantial more amount to get hands on the new upgrade from Phaiser called as BHS 770. So as on now be happy with the BHS 750 itself 🙂

Hope this helps! 


Just finally to show what you get in terms of “What is in the Box?” for both models

References for writing this post and technical specifications are taken from Phaiser official website

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