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SoundPEATS Q30 Wireless Headphones Surprise below $30 mark

SoundPEATS Q30 Wireless Headphones Surprise below $30 mark

Market is flooded with so many options of wireless headphones and its difficult to choose the right one among them.

What is that you are looking before buying a headphone?

So you need to decide what budget for headphone you are looking for … What is purpose, I mean exercise or travel or home use … For whom .. like yourself or wife or kids … What is the life expectancy of the gadget ? Obviously if the budget is high then you expect them to last for years !

Bang on with Good Sound Quality at price lower than $30 !

Yes, its possible with SoundPEATS Q30 headphones which are balanced in terms of all the expectations enlisted above, what it means is .. sound quality is good and balanced, good fit to your ears with earbud sets, magnetic back and finally priced to suit your budget.

Remember I am against spending more money for headphones for the following reasons:

  1. Technology changes are becoming so fast that headphones become absolute in no time! So better to keep budget limited so that you don’t regret replacing them with new once 🙂
  2. During travel or in gym you ought to forget about the headphones, misplace them and then again, why to keep thinking on headphones rather than enjoyment in travel or gym, so keep it simple, buy once which are low in budget ! be tension FREE !!
  3. Repeated use  of headphones will make them dusty, dirty, sweaty and you really can’t wash them in a washing machine to get it back to life !! so better to keep replacing them to maintain hygiene factor to the best.

Back to the subject:

My hands on evaluation of SoundPEATS Q30 Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones which are suitable for sports and travel. [btw thanks to SoundPEATS for providing me evaluation copy]

I will go through the details one by one … based on the importance and value for money …

Build Quality & Design:

Wow .. they look pretty cool …. with all black color & specially the SoundPEATS ‘S’ Logo emblazoned in gunmetal at the ends it looks so professional.

The Water resistance rating is pumped upto IPX6 (from IPX4) which itself indicates that they are capable of  withstanding your running exercise in rain. [IPX 6 rating is an improvement done by SoundPEATS in these Q30 headphones, I liked this step, since it indicates that SoundPEATS R&D is listening to the customer feedback)

Further they have a metallic housing which is nano coated, giving finish as well as Sweat resistance.

And the Simple trick of adding magnets at the back of earbuds adds great value to you. When you are not using them, simply wear them like a necklace. This frees your mind from searching location to keep your headphones.

Sound Quality:

These headphones are powered with CSR8645 bluetooth chipset & 6 mm drivers, which delivers high-fidelity stereo sound quality with aptx codec. So to say the sound quality is good with proper balance of mids, the bass is also good .. only hitch is that the highs are bit disturbing at high volume levels .. but I don’t use them at such levels for most of the time, so for me its okay. Overall I would say it justifies what you are paying for.

While you listen them, ambient awareness is felt, which in my opinion is good to have for running exercise.

Also the built-in-microphone provides convenient calls without reaching your phone. the conveniently located buttons allow Play/Pause your music too. Qualcomm’s CVC 6.0 noise cancellation provides crystal clear voice calls.

Quick Connectivity with smartphones:

Now its time to tell you about the experience of pairing with my smartphone.

Its simple, what you have to do is simply press the multi-function button (middle one). The small LED would glow blue to show it is in the pair mode. Switch on Bluetooth of your smartphone, locate Q30 in available device list and pair it. You are ready to rock 🙂

The Bluetooth 4.1 allows clarity of connection through the home or gym equipment’s … range if in line of sight is about 33 feet.

As these work on the Bluetooth profile A2DP and AVRCP they can connect to Amazon Alexa – creating a portable Alexa around your house!

Connect to Alexa: You will be able to get Q30 talking to Alexa by simply opening the Alexa App and pairing it using Bluetooth. (Open the Alexa app, go to Settings > Alexa > Bluetooth > Q30) once paired command Alexa using microphone, so just command it to get bedroom lights off 🙂


Now a days mostly all the headphones comes with earbud tips as well as secure fit fins.

In line with the trend you got to get 3 pairs normal earbuds tips and with 2 additional size of XL,XS to secure fit.

Mostly you will be able to find one which fits comfortably for long listening of music during running exercise, further it will get secured fully using the wing tips supplied.

The silicone materials assisted with ergonomically designed ear hooks provides good comfort.

Long lasting music:

One thing that is improved over previous version is the longer music and call timings.

With  55mAH*2 batteries it supports Music playing up to 8 hours as well as standby time of 100 hours.

It can be powered back to full life only in couple of hours

Value for Money:

Well finally coming to the conclusion and recommendation.

At the beginning of this blog-post I clarified that the purpose is to find out headphones which are suitable for exercise like running or gym (IPX6 protection), better sounding, long lasting music time and looking good.

So SoundPEATS Q30 fulfills all these requirements with added function of magnetic backing, helping me to retain them when not in use.

So simply go ahead to try the Q30’s and don’t forget to comment and give me feedback.

Get best bargain price for SoundPEATS Q30 here …

Cheers !!

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