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Top Laser Presentation Remotes for Powerpoint

Top Laser Presentation Remotes for Powerpoint

Two main reasons for searching of best laser pointer

  1. Use it during Powerpoint presentations to point at letters and images as well as Forward/Reverse slides.
  2. Use it to play with your CAT!

Both reasons as equally valid and I have searched a lot to get best laser pointers in market.

First one is Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 which I myself is using since a year and the second one is my new find Pisen Rechargeable Wireless Presenter Laser Pointer (This I have not tested so far) and third is BEBONCOOL Wireless Presenter PPT Clicker which is cheap and best seller on Amazon.

So lets discuss them one by one:

1) Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 Review: RED Laser

Final words about Logitec R400:

After use of over One Year, I feel it is one of the best wireless PowerPoint laser presenter in market today, with no complaints of operation or battery life or Laser sharpness or Button failures … Smooth in operation .. well built .. Feel rich & good .. I recommend this Laser pointer for your powerpoint presentations.

Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 Best Buy Price on Amazon

2) Pisen Rechargeable Wireless Presenter Review: RED Laser

Final words about Pisen Laser pointer:

With rechargeable battery pack and capability to act as a Power bank for your mobile, this laser pointer will save lots of dollars in long term. So ignoring slight discomfort in holding the pointer during PowerPoint presentations, you can give a try for this pointer.

 Pisen Laser pointer Best Buy Price on Amazon

3) BEBONCOOL Wireless PPT Clicker Review: RED Laser

Final words about BEBONCOOL PPT clicker:

Although this pointer is ergonomically good, and the Cheapest in all the above three, in long term it will consume lot of money due to replacement of batteries. (remember it works only on single AAA battery) However if you wish to use it only for presentations and not for playing with your cats or dogs, then better to spend less as initial investment and go for this cheapest option,

BEBONCOOL Wireless Presenter Best Buy Price on Amazon
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