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Apple Memoji – emoji with human look, Animoji in iOS update

What is Apple Memoji ?

Memoji = emoji with human look

Apple Memoji became Animoji in iOS update

I am sure sometimes in your dreams you wanted use your own emoji perfectly looking like you in your chat with friends ! and with introduction of an iOS update, your dream comes true. Now you can get your real face in emoji as called as Animoji by Apple in their iOS update.

There are numerous deep set of customization options which will let you create infinite Memoji.

The process is pretty easy and it will be a fun to create your own face with few clicks of personalization.

In short Animoji, is Augmented Reality feature that let you put a digital mask over your face in iMessage.

Best part is that the face tracking feature will follow your movements ! Which means while you smile or raise your eyebrows, the Animoji will also copy the same emotions. During resent annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California Apple showed off all new tongue tracking feature and extended Animoji to FaceTme chats.

What are the main features of Apple Memoji ?

When was Animoji introduced first time ?

Well Apple introduced Animoji first time along the iPhone X, with its front-facing True Depth camera. However there were very few character options, limited to Animoji like cats, dogs, and a poop.

Apple expanded the feature in iOS 12, with new Animoji likes ghosts, tigers and koalas.

But now  you get infinite set of possible Memoji’s (I mean emojis) with latest update of iOS, which lets you customize your own digital masks to whatever you would like.

How to create Memoji ?

How to create Memoji

First thing to note is that this new features is available with Apple’s new operating system, iOS 12, which is introduced on June 4 at the keynote event of the Worldwide Developers Conference. You can get the iOS 12 developer beta now

After it, for iPhone X users, they can follow the following process to create an Animoji.

  1. Open the Messages app and start writing a new message.
  2. Now instead selecting Animoji, swipe right and click on the add button to start creating the custom Memoji.
  3. Simply start building the virtual version of yourself. You will get options like freckles, skin color, hairstyle, and accessories like glasses and earrings  to make your new animated emoji look just like you.
  4. Then send off the custom made Memoji, download it as a sticker, or use it in FaceTime chats.
  5. Done your Animoji (Human emoji) is ready to use.

Here is a video on how to create Memoji

memoji iPhone 8 will be available after the final iOS 12 release.

Apple Memoji became Animoji in iOS update


iOS 12 release date

How to get ios 12 beta for iPhone or iPad ?

Where is Samsung in Emoji race ?

Last march, Samsung launched AR Emoji for their Galaxy S9, which automatically creates a 3D emoji using your front facing camera.

Also Snapchat’s own Bitmoji, allows you to create your own avatar and try out pre-ordained AR scenes

apple memoji video

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What is Mimoji ?

Mimoji is an Arabic expressions and emojis app, its is the language of fun, you can use it like all other emoji apps using a simple copy and paste technique.

Download Mimoji for Android from App store NOW !

Download Mimoji for Apple iOS from App store NOW !


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